The Convivial Udaipur Evenings

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Udaipur is long known for the most romantic, cherry red sunsets. When the sun sets, the ‘City of Lakes’ is altogether reborn. The shimmering lights in the soul-soothing waters of the lakes, the night view of the beautiful Aravallis, and the congenial beauty of the majestic forts will make you spellbound.

We Niwas Hospitality give you a golden opportunity to dive right into the colorfully royal culture and the romantic vibe of Udaipur. Our properties in Udaipur give you an exceedingly pure exposure to the culture and traditions of the city.

Explore Udaipur with us and you will fall in love with the blue lakes, the lush green hills, the royal ancient marble, and the cherry red sunsets. 

Today we will share with you, the most astonishing places where you can spend your sunsets and late evenings in Udaipur. So come with us, and experience the sunsets from the eyes of authentic culture enthusiasts… 

Lake Fateh Sagar

The most loved Lake amongst the Locals of Udaipur, as it offers the picturesque view of Aravalli range surrounding tranquil Fateh Sagar Lake.

You can watch the alluring twilight from the main Walkway or Fateh Sagar Lake or Rani Road, you’ll not be disappointed with any choice of the location around Fateh Sagar you make.

The City Palace

There is no better way to enjoy the dusk light of Udaipur than by walking around the City Palace. At night, the place looks stunning with the lights turned on.

The best part about visiting the palace in the evening is the sound and light show that are held ‘The Legacy of Honour’: 7 pm to 8 pm and ‘Yash ki Dharohar’: 8 pm to 9 pm being the titles.

Moti Magri

Moti Magri or ‘The Pearl Hill’ has a long history and astonishing beauty. The hill overlooks the astounding Lake Fateh Sagar also there stands a memorial of Maharana Pratap commemorating His and His ‘Chetak’s’(horse) bravery.

Spend your evening resting on the peak and looking at the aerial view of the city and then enjoy the light and sound show held at 7 PM, making your evening the perfect combination of romance and exploration. 

Badi Lake

Badi lake is also known as the ‘Jiyan Sagar’, is a good place to visit in the evening to relax in the company of nature. You can spend your evening sitting in the cool breeze and adore the beauty of this astonishing place.

Around the lake, the three artistic chhatris add the charm of royal architecture to the place.

Neemach Mata Temple

Udaipur’s Vaishno Mata: Neemach Mata is worshipped with all grace by the locals of Udaipur; one has to climb a mountain to greet the Goddess. Stairs are available to make it easy to reach the peak of the mountain.

After reaching the temple you can have a glimpse of the most breath-taking views of the city, also the blessing of Goddess along with the wild wind will wipe away all your worries at once.

Dudh Talai Musical Garden

Experience Music like never before in the Dudh talai garden Udaipur. Sit near the lake, spend your evening with a pleasant musical fountain. The best part of spending an evening here if you get hooked to the place then you can camp here for the night.

Bring some lit Rajasthani food with you and spend a romantic night camping in the Dudh Talai Garden with your better-half.

Bagore ki haveli

Cultural heaven, the Bagore Ki Haveli is a museum and an event center. Spend your late evening, exploring the place and browsing through interesting artifacts and then sit down for a cultural performance.

We’re sure you will love your experience at Bagore Ki Haveli. Make sure to catch a Dharohar dance show at the Bagore Ki Haveli and you will fall in love with the place for the rest of your lives.

Sahelion Ki Bari

The serene surroundings of the Sahelion Ki Bari make it a nice place for a late evening walk in Udaipur. At the beautiful and historical garden, you can gaze at the lovely old trees and go jogging.

There is a small science museum that you can visit. At the garden, you can wear the royal dress and get your photo taken for around Rs. 200.

Lake Pichola

Watch the sun lose its shine as the Taj Lake Palace lights the water of Pichola Lake at twilight! One could simply walk on the main walkway of Pichola Lake or take a boat ride across the lake.

Don’t forget to spot the Palaces floating in the water increasing the charm of the Lake.

Ambrai Ghat

A much-loved spot by the youngsters of Udaipur is always composed with the enthusiastic locals enjoying the tempting view from the Ghat.

Sit there in the relaxing breeze and gaze at the shimmering lights in the tranquil Lake Pichola and when your stomach starts to rumble, dine at the fantastic ‘Ambrai Restaurant’.

Ideal for a romantic dinner date, Ambrai Restaurant serves delicious Rajasthani food that delights the senses under the beautifully-lit lanterns and candles.

Udaipur is a paradise for architecture lovers and an incredible destination popular for its formidable monuments and colorful culture. The majestic grandeur of its palaces, the history of Havelis, the magical narrow by-lanes of the old city, and the natural beauty of the lakes, will surely cast a spell on you.

If you are planning to come to Udaipur then consider your stay at our places in the city, we have beautiful properties with traditional interior designs to create a cultural and cozy vibe.

All the major tourist attractions are just 15-20 minutes away from our locations and still our properties are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We also serve authentic homemade Indian food, right from our kitchens.

If you want to make your Udaipur experience more authentic and want to create lifelong memories then just trust us with your accommodation.

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