10 Reasons why Udaipur should be on your travel bucket list

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Udaipur is a city with love, in the air. It is aptly called the ‘Venice of the East’. The city is so whimsical that whoever visits the city will fall in love with it. The city of lakes is home to Rajputana forts, ornate palaces, resplendent temples, busy markets, stunning architecture, serene lakes, and most romantic sunsets.

We Niwas Hospitality give you a golden opportunity to dive right into the colorfully royal culture and the romantic vibe of Udaipur. Our properties in Udaipur give you an exceedingly pure exposure to the culture and traditions of the city.

Explore Udaipur with us and you will fall in love with the blue lakes, the lush green hills, and the royal ancient marble.

Today we will share with you the aptest reasons for you to visit Udaipur for once in a lifetime experience of romance meeting royalty.

If this article doesn’t tempt you to pack your bags and lose yourself in the grandeur of Udaipur, We wonder what will!


1. Relive the Lost Era of Kings and Queens

Palacial hovels, magnificent palaces, and outstanding forts- the architecture of our city will leave you spellbound.

Walkthrough the symmetrical corridors of City Palace, overlook the city of lakes from the Monsoon Palace and capture the captivating white at Bagore ki Haveli and marvel at the intricate details of  Mewar’s architecture.

2. The Serene Beauty of Lakes

Water is a necessity of life and the sight of lakes full of water gives a sense of relief. The picturesque lakes surrounded by the beautiful hills of Aravali featuring palaces in them, define our city Udaipur and make it the  ‘The Venice of East’.

Our city is home to both natural and man-made lakes built centuries ago by the Rulers of Mewar.

Take A Sunset Boat Cruise in the Lake Pichola, experience the tranquil water of Lake Fatehsagar, adore India‘s second-largest artificial lake, Jaisamand Lake, or choose from the plethora of other beautiful lakes.


3. Cherish the Luxuriant Gardens

In the eventful and exhausting high-speed lives, one seeks nirvana away from the contaminated air and booming noises amidst the brisk wind generated from nearby plants and trees. 

All their needs for a tranquil environment and pure freshly-generated oxygen are fulfilled in the gardens; an ideal spot for morning/evening exercise, meditation, a family outing, a covert meet with your beloved, or a peaceful nap in the solitary environment.

Udaipur takes care of giving its people and those who visit a tranquil environment where all the hustle-bustle in life leaves and you experience a pure soul in you.

Be it the ‘Greenery Amidst water’ at Nehru Garden or the green scenic grandeur of Rajiv Gandhi Park or the captivating red of the Gulab Bagh, every garden is a delight to our eyes and our soul. 

4. Seek blessings at the splendid temples

The tranquillity, soothing smell of incense and the chanting of prayers at the iconic temples of Udaipur make you fall into a trance. So, take a break from all the hustle and bustle to seek the blessings at picturesque temples in Udaipur.

These majestic ancient temples reflect the cultural beliefs and traditions of Mewar. The powerful positivity surrounding these structures soothes the soul of those who comes with a true heart.

The “milky” Jagdish Temple to the glorious Karni Mata Mandir with, the Mahakaleshwar, Eklingji, Bohra Ganesh, and many more temples in between, every temple has its own identity and serenity. No wonder Udaipur is full of spirituality and humbleness.

5.  The most romantic sunsets

In Udaipur, the days end in warm orange sunsets with a tint of red making it one of the most romantic setups our mankind can have.

If you want to make your Udaipur sunset flash in your memories for a whole lifetime, then take a sunset boat ride at any of the adorable lakes in Udaipur and the tranquil beauty will cast a spell on you.

6. Explore country’s best roads

 If you are an avid road tripper, you wouldn’t want to miss a   drive on the highways around the “City of Lakes”.

The peace of the route and whimsical beauty of the destination makes the roads around Udaipur, the most beautiful ones. Impeccable, well-maintained roads with a glorious landscape can be a treat to any weary-eyed traveler.

7.  Trek the lush green Aravallis

 Udaipur sits in the lap of beautiful lush green Aravalli Hills, these hills contribute to the serene beauty of the lakes of Udaipur but they are good for miniature trek tours.

These hills are not very high so they become a good option for those who want to sit close to nature without risking their lives. The hills around Udaipur are about 20 – 30 mins trek on feet but the beautiful overlooks of the city that you get from the top of the hill make it worth it.

The BahuBali Hills near the Badi Lake is one such example. It is a true gem of nature that offers you a tranquil quiet environment where your spiritual happiness can bloom.

8. The Food, Dude!

From piping hot ‘Gatte ki sabzi’ to the delectable ‘Daal Baati Choorma’ and Ker Sangri, Udaipur has a brilliant cuisine full of delights for the taste buds.

Udaipur has food for both the ‘Taste’ Foodies and ‘Instagram’ Foodies as later doesn’t bother much about the taste of the food but the ambiance and splendor inspire them more. If you would like the authentic “taste” food then try the taste bud lightning street food.

The ‘crisp’ Kachori, the ‘extra spicy’ Aloo Bada, and then the ‘sweet tooth tickling’ Jalebi make up for the perfect Udaipur combination of street food, try it once and you will fall in love with it.

9. Shopping in Quaint Bazaars

Udaipur is as colourful as any peacock or rainbow, with uniquely handcrafted and exquisitely embroidered items which enthrall you and steal your heart.

A shopaholic should, once visit the best places to shop in Udaipur to get the aesthetically-crafted items like silver and stone jewellery, hand-embroidered dresses and accessories, bright-coloured/hand-printed textiles, Meenakari work, miniature, Pichwai and gemstone paintings, marble carvings, panels and sculptures.

Bapu Bazaar, Mochiwada Bazaar, Hathi pol Bazaar, Rajasthali and shilpgram are the authentic ethnic markets where the ethnicity of Udaipur is truly seen.

10. The people

People from all around the world have mentioned at various platforms about the friendly and warm nature of the Udaipurites.

People of Udaipur apart from having an open heart for the tourists, have several other unique traits that the non-natives of the City of Lakes must learn.

Udaipurites have a royal and yet helping nature, with an inbuilt mannerism and cultural intelligence. They celebrate every festival with high enthusiasm and also have the hospitality to make every tourist part of their own culture. The lavish eating habits are also peculiar of us and the love for our homeland is our ultimate definition.


Udaipur is a paradise for architecture lovers and an incredible destination popular for its formidable monuments and colourful culture. The majestic grandeur of its palaces , the history of havelis , the magical narrow by-lanes of the old city and the natural beauty of the lakes ,  will surely cast a spell on you.

If you are planning to come to Udaipur then consider your stay at our places in the city, We have beautiful properties with traditional interior designs to create a cultural and cozy vibe.

All the major tourist attractions are just 15-20 minutes away from our locations and still our properties are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We also serve authentic homemade Indian food, right from our kitchens. If you want to make your Udaipur experience more authentic and want to create lifelong memories then just trust us with your accommodation

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